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(1) 3D Clear Laser Crystals

UGI only uses the highest quality material and green laser beam with as most as possible burning spots to etch for every crystal to giving its products the most complete Refine/Perfection of its kind.

(2) 3D Color Laser Crystals 

First time in the US market! New technology shock the American 3D laser crystal market! UGI has five different colors (red, pink, blue, green, yellow) to be choosed for its customers.

(3) Souvenir Crystals

Combined with high quality crystal and metal plated 24 K gold, UGI designs and makes the most famous building models all over the world: North America, Europe, East Asia, Middle East Asia, South Asia...

(4) Crystal Awards

Using "State of Art" technology, UGI makes the most beautiful and wonderful corporation awards for its clients.

(5) Crystal Buildings

Iceclear crystal used to be making building models and city skylines, you can get real, micro and macro city models from UGI.

(6) Crystal Candle Holders

Makes a charming addition to any home. The crystal glows with a slowly changing myriad of colors, enhancing the beauty of the candle flame and illuminating the 2D and 3D image inside. Using the candle holder without lighting the candle as a soothing night-light. This product has been patented by UGI. 



(7) Crystal Lamps & Accessories 

Imagine crystal parts on your lamp, it will give you unbelievable happiness.

(8) Crystal Crafts 

UGI makes all kinds of handmade fine art crystals such as Animals, Vehicles, Smoking Sets, Perfume Bottles, Stationerys, Pen Holders, Business Card Holders, Jewejries, Paper Weight, Photo Frames, Christmas Gifts, Crystal with Marbles, Crystal Beads, Crystal Purses and many more...

(9) Laser Pictures

You name it, UGI has it. UGI laser pictures promises you have permanent memorial for your family.  

(10) LED Light Stands

Put any crystals on the LED light base, you can get amazing colors that make the crystal have great watching in the evening! A LED light stand gives your crystal a new life. It shows the structure, the design of your crystal. 










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